Deep beneath the surface of Pluto, a special crystalline substance was discovered... A deep space mining company quickly established a colony to process and refine these crystals. In the process, they discovered that the crystals could be used for faster than light communications and computer processing. 

A few months later... someone had the idea to upgrade the security robots with the tech... 

Within hours, a distress call from the Pluto Mining Colony's main facility broadcast over the entire FTL communications network. You were the closest ship, so it is up to you to descend into the complex. Others are on their way, but space travel is still a somewhat slow affair...

What are you going to discover in the warehouses and mines on Pluto?

Game Features:
* 10 Levels
* 6 Cutscenes
* Extra teleports are generated every 7500 points.
* A hint: The robots will get louder as they get closer (Recommended that you play with sound on...)

The downloadable version is the same as the HTML5 version. Only pay for the downloadable version if you want the game for offline play or to support more games like this one. Thank you for your support!


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