Sunset Announcement

Hello world, I have been mulling this over for quite a while now, and I have decided that now is the time for this. The GearBunny tools will be retiring. Here is my roadmap for the rest of the year:

At the end of July, I will be putting Fusion for Dark Age of Camelot into 'restricted mode.' What this means is that if you have downloaded the program through an account, Fusion should remain available for download. Donations will be disabled at the start of July, not that I really expect any now.

GearBunnyX and Classic will be removed at the end of July. This shouldn't have much impact as downloads of that program were already pretty low.

At years end, Fusion will be removed permanently. 

Shortly after, and these pages on will be going down for good.

It's been an honor to have been of service to many of you. Thank you for all the donations, feedback and support.

Get GearBunny Fusion for DAoC (Retiring)