GearBunny Fusion Quick Patch and Screen Resolution Poll

= GearBunny Quick Patch =

Yesterday when I compiled my project, I turned on some DPI awareness options in the project options without testing them. It resulted in some regression for a few users, so I have reuploaded without those options on. If you have problems with interface elements being too large, please replace that version of GearBunny Fusion with this latest patch. I will remember that these settings cause problems in the future and test them more thoroughly at a future date.

Related to this, I would like user feedback related to screen sizes. I originally designed Fusion to fit in a tiny 800x600 resolution and expanded later to 1044x600 with the 1.127 interface changes. If I resized again up to 1200x700y or so, would this be bigger than anyone's screen resolutions? (My development system allows me to go all the way up to 1920x1080y, but I try to keep the program useable on older systems...) Send feedback here, via discord or email (  Thank you for reading this!

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Feedback on the poll so far: (As of 8/1/2021)

3 against program window size increases.

1 suggesting the ability to turn sections off and on to accommodate additional sections (saved to the .ini file so the program remembers your settings)

1 suggesting a toggle for 'basic' and 'advanced' modes.

So far I am leaning towards not changing the window size and considering pop up windows or extra tabs for additional features. I am also considering the possibility of spinning these features off into their own program for easier maintenance...