GearBunny Fusion v1.127.0.1 patch notes

======= GearBunny Fusion v1.127.0.1 patch notes =======

Released January 12, 2021

* After the release of v1.127, I received feedback from a few people and saw some places I could make interface improvements. A fairly serious startup bug was also discovered and fixed. Thanks again to the Dark Age of Camelot community for their support!

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* A few mythical stats had innacurate or missing cap information. Smokey was kind enough to provide a more current list.

- Myth Stat Caps - 52 (-ToA caps) (Was already implemented)
- Mythical DPS - 10 (Assumed this means Cap=Level/5)
- Mythical Power, Health, Endurance Regen - 50 (Assumed this means Cap=Level)
- Mythical Crowd Control - 50 (Cap=Level)
- All others - uncapped (Set to a flat 127. Assume anything higher than this would wrap around to negative?)


* The stats panel will now show colors for individual stats again, based on whether the stat is under, equal to, or over the cap. (The colors match the icons shown. Blue for undercap, Green for matching, and Red if overcapped)


* Added a checkbox on the filter tab to lock the slot filter selection (Default: True). This should result in less accidents with changing what slot is selected when that is not desired. This setting is saved in the settings ini file.


* Changing the name of a manual or spellcrafted item will now refresh the report panel with the updated name. 

* Added a button to save the report as a text file.

* Vault Tab changes:
- Changed the search button to a clear button
- Typing engages a 1s timer before a search begins
- Pressing the enter key causes the search to begin immediately and highlights the search box to allow quicker deletion/retyping...
- The 'mini report' was really only used extensively by this tab, so I moved it here and reorganized the tab a bit. The mini report also had a few formatting changes to try to shrink it to fit the minimum 1024x600 better...

* Stat Window changes:
- A new pop up 'frame' will now appear in the stats window when a stat is clicked on to show what items are effecting that particular stat. This existed within the mini report before, but now it has it's own dedicated panel. It vanishes if you click a stat header or change tabs in the middle 'items' area.


* Bug Fix: Thanks to SpeedyBane for helping me track down a semi-serious startup/loading bug that was popping up mostly at program startup when using a customized template. It was manifesting two ways. The first was as the first slot losing it's slot filter or inheriting one from the previous template loaded. It's second manifestation was when loading a template made for a class with an acuity code, acuity wasn't adding properly to the proper stat the class used. I rewrote most of the startup and file loading routines to fix these issues. As a nice side effect, the program starts up/loads files a little faster and there's a little less flicker on the stats panel. Thanks again SpeedyBane!


* I have begun work on the database editor. This will probably take some time to complete, but this will allow me to correct items directly and hopefully be able to start adding some of the items missing from BroadSword's JSON file. More information will become available when I complete this feature.

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