GearBunny Fusion v1.127.0.0 patch notes

======= GearBunny Fusion v1.127.0.0 patch notes =======

Released December 11, 2020

* This is the first 'major' overhaul after the initial release of Fusion. I have managed to speed up the program in many areas, streamlined the interface based upon user input, and added several new features that were suggested by users over the last few months. Thanks again to the Dark Age of Camelot community for their support!

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            User Suggestions:
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-- Shoke suggested that double clicking on an item in the equipment overview should change the tab to whichever item was equipped. Due to other adjustments to the user interface, I modified this to the following:

* A checkbox has been added to the settings panel titled 'Automatic tab switching on slot changes.' It's setting will be saved to the settings file. This setting does the following:

  - When Checked : Clicking on the equipment overview or changing what is currently equipped on a slot will switch to the appropriate tab in the items view. Unequipped slots will switch to the filter tab.

  - When Unchecked : Double clicking on an item in the equipment overview will switch to the appropriate tab. When switching between a vault item and the other two, a second double click may be necessary due to the vault loading interrupting the double click.


-- Enkerton had many suggestions regarding the user interface. There are still a few more that I am considering, but in this release, I have done the following:

 * The equipment layout 'tab' has been separated into it's own panel, and the 'currently equipped' combo box has been changed into a radio group box below it for much faster toggling of what is considered equipped.

* An 'Unequip All' button has been added to the equipment overview. This will set all equipment slots to Unequipped. 

* For easier access, the combo box that allowed users to view all stats (vs what is effected by items) has been moved to the Stats panel.

* The template report tab wasn't showing the use/charge/procs of items. This has been added where appropriate. I have also added these to the mini report on the stats page.

* Report view will now auto-recalculate on item changes. (This sometimes causes the report to jump back to the top, a Windows/Lazarus limitation I couldn't find a way around.)

* Changing character class will now update the absorb filter of any slots that are set as armor-type slots (Head, Chest, Arms, Legs, Hands, and Feet) to the armor type the class uses. (For instance: Hero or Druid will change to 27% absorb, Paladin or Armsman will be 34%, and a Shadowblade will switch to 10%) (Note the filters will only change at the time the class is picked and it only effects slots currently marked as armor types. Adjust filters after picking class if you want them to not be the defaults...)

* Added utility back into the vault item chooser. It is displayed inside parenthesis as part of the item's name. You can now sort by utility as well, and your sorting setting will be saved to the settings file. If you see a (0.0) utility on items in older templates, simply find the item in the list and reload it to refresh the value.

* 'Keep name filter on slot change' now saves whether it is checked or not to the settings file. 

Trooska, TonkasTeam, Squadz:

* Added a new mode for report generation: Equipment Overview only. This basically copies the equipment overview tab into the report window to make it easier to copy/paste the whole list. No more need to clip screenshots! :-)

An anonymous Molvik player:

* Changing the template level updates all the Bonus Level filters in the template to use that as the maximum level. (Hiding things that are higher than your selected template level) Minimum level can no longer exceed the maximum bonus level and the two filters will adjust each other accordingly now. 

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 Interface adjustments/Bug Fixes:
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* I have redone a lot of internal 'order of operations' things to speed up transitions and refreshing of the current tab when you switch slots. This has resulted in a measureably faster response time when switching slots, tabs or refreshing.

* Located and fixed a startup crash bug... this is why there is a new search button on the vault window instead of it auto searching whenever you type something... 

* Using the maximize button will now work more consistently. Maximizing the window will set the program to always open maximized (or vice versa if you restore it to it's default size) like the setting in the settings tab. Program minimum size has been increased to 1024x600, up from 800x600...

* The vault version is now displayed as part of the window caption. The vault versions are  locked to the version of GearBunny Fusion now and will automatically extract if the version in the .exe doesn't match the one in the programdata folder.

* I have modified BroadSword's JSON file on a few items to correct stat amounts that exceeded my shortint containers. (A few items with > 127 hp and a staff that showed 250 focus all, heh)  I also went over my importer script and reimported the whole vault again to hopefully fix any stat inconsistencies. Please let me know if there are any more items that are displaying pvp effecting stats as pve only stats. (You can move these quickly into the manual editor to fix them, but I would like to know about them so I can adjust the importer script further...)

* Related to the above JSON fix, I made minor adjustments to min/max values on some of the spinedit controls so they wouldn't wrap around to cause negative calculations...

* Corrected how ToA Power Cap on items was not adding properly to power pool % cap. 

* The header for 'Focus' was missing in the stats and reports. I have corrected this discrepency.

* Fixed a memory usage problem caused by switching slots. (Basically a listbox not being cleared when it should have been.)

* The filter reset button no longer changes the item slot or absorb setting and sets the max bonus level to the current level selected. It will also set the class and realm filter to the appropriate values for the class selected. This should make it a little more useful while templating.

* Some controls were not updating the 'template has changed' variable as they should. The program should be more consistent with it's 'Are you sure?' messages now, resulting in less accidental template losses...

* A patch notes tab has been added to the stats panel for those interested in what changes have been made. Thank you for reading to the end of the patch notes :-)

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