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GearBunny Fusion is the culmination of taking apart GearBunny Classic, X, and the even older 'Original' versions, as well as studying the interfaces of other spellcraft calculators (Kort's, Loki, and Excidio) and similar programs from other games. I hope the 'Fusion' of these tools will make templating a lot easier for all of you.

Broadsword's item database has been translated and incorporated into the program for your convenience. I would like to personally thank Broadsword for it's release, along with the searchable database. This version of GearBunny would have been much harder to make without that database, so I appreciate your efforts to provide the database to the community. (Please note said database is now old and incomplete, manual entry is encouraged where items have improper stats)

Feedback is greatly appreciated as always. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my applications since 2006!

(Patch notes will be found in the devlogs)


GearBunnyFusion- 1 MB

Install instructions

Create a folder to extract the contents of the zip file into. On executing GearBunnyFusion.exe, the program will self extract it's database and default template to the appropriate program data folder. 

Uninstalling is as simple as removing the executable and it's data folder. (Search for Primary.gbfvault to find this folder) I hope that you enjoy the application. If you have any problems, feel free to ask for help via any of my contact methods.

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