GearBunnyX - The Final X version

Well, I knew that eventually I would need to retire Turbo Delphi 2006. It has been throwing random error messages for a long time any time I open my old projects and do normal everyday things, but working on this version of GearBunnyX, what amounted to maybe 10 lines of code difference, caused multiple full crashes over the course of a few hours. (Including a lockup crash after finalizing the .3 executable that is keeping it from starting back up, probably until I reboot the computer)

So... without further ado... I will be fully retiring the 'classic' versions of GearBunny. GearBunnyX and Classic will remain available well past the launch of GearBunny Fusion (which will appear on it's own page soon) so users can load up old templates if needed.  All my work GearBunny wise will now be focused on getting Fusion ready to use.  I am hoping to wrap up the initial public release of that application before the Winter has ended. 

Thank you for all the encouraging feedback and donations this last year on Happy holidays, and I hope to have Fusion ready for use soon.

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