GearBunnyX v1.124.0.2 - March 20, 2018

By Kristo (aka GBClassic)

* IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is a stopgap between the old versions and the new one I am working on. Once the new version is ready, I will also retire GearBunnyX.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Changed the method of file distribution. No longer will GearBunny be using a setup program, but I will instead just put the executable files, patch notes and vault/database files directly in a zip file. Simply extract these files to a folder like C:\GearBunny or a GearBunny folder in your My Documents folder. Create shortcuts or just run them directly.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: GearBunny Classic is now officially retired. The changes I had to make to the GearBunnyX stat system were just not compatible with Classic. If you wish to continue using Classic, install it and it's master.gbv file separate from GearBunnyX. It will not understand some of the changes made in the new vault file, especially with mythirians, and will probably crash.

- Changes - 

* Legendary Weapons have had their stats corrected, and legendary staves have finally been added. You will need to reopen these items in the spellcraft calculator at least once to fix old versions.

* Because of changes to the underlying data formats for spellcrafting, I had to update the .gbt file format, so keep in mind that new templates saved will not be compatible with older versions of GearBunnyX. The program automatically converts the old version to the new format on load, but does not overwrite the original in case you want to keep it.

* Increased the speed of sorting in the manual item editor window, and the vault grabber will now wait to load until the tab is opened. There is now a progress indicator in the lower left to show the progress of the sorting operation.

* Due to the decrease of speed of the Alphabetic name sort, Bonus level will be the default sorting method for fresh installs of the program. To change your default sorting method, you can find this option in the main window's menu bar.

* I have implemented a few speed ups for the sorting methods. There may be some edge cases where things aren't as well sorted as before.

* The spellcrafting window now features a Bonus Level calculation at the bottom, to assist with templating less than level 50 characters. (IE: Battlegrounds templates)

* Reimported the most recent JSON file from BroadSword. You may need to fix some items in templates if they inserted items into the middle instead of appending them. It only looked like stat updates though.

* Corrected some staves that had Focus:All incorrectly listed as +All Casting. Also one or two other items that were clearly wrong.

* Mythical Physical Defense now properly adds to the Crush, Slash, and Thrust stats.

* Item Types has been removed as a default sorting option. It can still be chosen, but the results are random and I will remove this in a later version.

* Other upgrades under the hood to hopefully improve speed and compatibility with newer systems.

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Mar 21, 2018

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