GearBunnyX v1.124.0.1 - 1/29/2018

by Kristo (GBClassic)


Please note the following :

* IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is a stopgap between the old versions and the new one I am working on. Once the new version is ready, I will also retire GearBunnyX.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: Changed the method of file distribution. No longer will GearBunny be using a setup program, but I will instead just put the executable files, patch notes and vault/database files directly in a zip file. Simply extract these files to a folder like C:\GearBunny or a GearBunnyX folder in your My Documents folder. Create shortcuts or just run them directly.

* IMPORTANT NOTE: GearBunny Classic is now officially retired. The changes I had to make to the GearBunnyX stat system were just not compatible with Classic. If you wish to continue using Classic, install it and it's master.gbv file separate from GearBunnyX. It will not understand some of the changes made in the new vault file, especially with mythirians, and will probably crash when these particular items get loaded.

* Legendary weapons now properly have 4 gem slots. If Force Fifth Slot is not checked, they require all four gems to be slotted for their stat bonuses to take effect, like all other 5th slot equipment.

* The ToA HP Cap increase stat has been increased to Level * 8 hp to bring the maximum cap to 400.

* Removed the ability (in program only, you can still manually associate .gbt files) to automatically associate GearBunny template files with the executable. This was causing registry errors on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

* Added Mythical Stats to the end of the master list and converted the mythirians to use them. 

* Added the Broadsword JSON database to the end of the current vault file. Be sure to double check the stats before using them. Old items will remain to ensure template compatibility (and because sometimes my stats were more accurate)

* Changed what the item editor does after saving. After a save, it will do it's best to point back to the item you just saved. (If the item you saved is no longer visible under your current filters, it may be off or generate a new item instead...)

* The splash screen is more informative about what is going on and shows database loading progress now.

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Jan 29, 2018

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