DaoC EC 1.126 and GearBunny Fusion

Hello world!

As many of you might know, Broadsword has recently released DaoC v1.126 and implemented Eternal Conquest, their take on free to play. Since then I have returned to playing Dark Age of Camelot, and streaming it on my Twitch channel : https://www.twitch.tv/gearbunnyclassic . They have also released an updated JSON item database which I will be looking at in the coming days.

Since the last GearBunnyX patch in May, I have been mulling over how best to proceed with work on GearBunny Fusion. At the time, I had decided to set it to the side and devote my time to other projects and learning more about programming in Lazarus. With Eternal Conquest released, I have resumed working on it and will likely be live streaming it's development soon.

See you on Twitch, 


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