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GearBunny for DAOC (X and Classic)

GearBunnyX and Classic template makers for the MMO, Dark Age of Camelot · By GearBunny Studios


Recent updates

DaoC EC 1.126 and GearBunny Fusion
Hello world! As many of you might know, Broadsword has recently released DaoC v1.126 and implemented Eternal Conquest, their take on free to play. Since then I...
GearBunnyX v1.124.0.4
GearBunnyX v1.124.0.4 - May 19, 2019 By Kristo (GBClassic) ============= * Corrected an indexing bug with copying items from the Vault Chooser to the Manual Edi...
1 file
GearBunnyX - The Final X version
Well, I knew that eventually I would need to retire Turbo Delphi 2006. It has been throwing random error messages for a long time any time I open my old project...
GearBunnyX v1.124.0.2 - March 20, 2018 By Kristo (aka GBClassic) * IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is a stopgap between the old versions and the new one I am worki...
1 file
GearBunnyX v1.124.0.1 - 1/29/2018 by Kristo (GBClassic) ============= Please note the following : * IMPORTANT NOTE: This version is a stopgap between the old ve...
2 files
Hmm... how did that happen?
Thanks to DaRedAnt for pointing out that I had somehow uploaded v1.102 as the install program instead of v1.118.0.2... I thought I had taken the right file from...
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