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There is nothing quite like sitting down with a 'retro' text adventure game. Trying to figure out which door a particular key fits into, and what you are supposed to do with a particular object.

After the JimJam was over, we took it upon ourselves to port our entry into a game engine so we could add things like sound and music and graphical effects such as text fading.  While this game is still silent, I feel we have improved upon the original a fair amount.

One question still remains though, and that is about our soundscape for this game. One of the things that took the longest in getting this ported was trying to decide how best to present the sound. Did we want a song playing in the background? Or intermittent ambient noises like creaking floors and wind? Did we want to implement sound effects when the player does certain things? Or did we want to let the player fill it all in with their imagination. In the end, we decided that the players should get to decide. So without any further delay, here is the Enchanted Castle GameMaker port. We look forward to hearing your suggestions, and we will likely be using the underlying engine of this game to make other text adventures in the future.


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Jun 04, 2018

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